Cerakote Service
  • Cerakote Service

    Firearms, knives, eye wear, consumer electronics, salt water applications and more.
    The unrivaled leader in thin film protective coatings Unmatched corrosion, chemical and durability performance Unique ceramic-polymer technology that imparts both flexibility and excellent physical performance
    Pricing is estimated on a item-by-item basis, and will be determined when we have the item in hand.  Below are some general pricing guidelines that help us with your estimate.  Additional colors, coats, designs or other requests may effect the price.  All items must be completely clean of of carbon, oils or any other contaminants and be stripped down before coating.  You can save on your final price by completing these steps prior to having us work on your firearm.
     Shop time/labor starts at $75/hr and can apply to any additional cleaning necessary to complete the job, rusted or broken parts/bolts/screws, repair to rust, pitting or scratches, disassembly and assembly, or other unforeseen work that would be necessary to complete your item.