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High Power Stun Gun LED Flashlight Baton Night Stick
  • High Power Stun Gun LED Flashlight Baton Night Stick

    The Baton Stun Gun Flashlight is a powerful self-defense device that combines the strength of an aluminum bat and the illumination of an LED flashlight into one body. It's high-grade aluminum construction makes it lightweight and durable. Plus, it has a texturized handle and integrated belt clip, so it is easy to hold on to and easier to carry. Furthermore, the powerful LED bulb can operate in one of three modes, high, medium, or strobe. The Baton Flashlight runs on rechargable batteries that are included, and also comes with a charging cable. 


    • Length: 17"
    • Construction: Aluminum
    • Packaging type: Color Printed Box
    • Super bright LED light
    • Heavy duty aluminum construction
    • Non-slip grip handle
    • Batteries included
    • Also includes an integrated belt clip
    • Ideal for military, law enforcement, and self-defense
    • DROS Fee Required

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